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July 23, 2018

Closing in on 🎯

We're happy to announce, that our developers finished closing in on a number of bugs in a major behind-the-scenes overhaul of our integration.

These changes ensure a much faster and smoother experience when importing data from Until now data imports could be delayed, very slow or even come to a halt, but due to the optimizations, they are lightning fast again! ⚡

We now import all calls and emails

Calls and Emails are now also imported to Plecto even if they are not associated with a Lead. Therefore, you might see more of these than usual. To get the same behavior as before, you can add a filter to your formulas like "Lead ID"!="". This filters away activities that are not associated with a lead.

Anything else changed?

Other than that, there are a lot of minor quality-of-life improvements, such as:

  • Employee avatars are now imported, so your employees have their pretty profile pictures from in Plecto! 😊

  • Emails: additional data such as recipients' name, sender's name and more.

We hope you will like these improvements - the integration should now be up to speed! 🤩

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