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Dec. 15, 2022
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Achievement makeover 🎉

You probably noticed that we’ve been quietly working on adjustments in the gamification corner. First, we modified the achievement badges, then we stacked them on your dashboards…


The cat’s out of the bag now – it was all part of a bigger plan! We’re excited to finally show you a completely remade achievement form!

What's new?

  • From now on, you can choose between different badge shapes and colors and even upload custom icons. For best results, we recommend using a single-color icon with a transparent background (file format: SVG). 👉 Here's an open source icon library for inspiration.


  • We’ve also added a little preview window so that you can see the achievement badge while designing it. 🎨


More good news

  • What else – no more random week numbers! If your achievement cycle is a week, you no longer have to memorize all weeks of the year. How? – We added dates to each week! 🤩

  • All active and past achievements are stored in each employee’s profile. See your achievement timeline by hovering over the badge.

  • We also modernized the way you give achievements manually. Open an employee page and see what's new!

We hope you enjoy this feature just as much as we do! 🌟 If you have any feedback, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Want to join our BETA testing group? If you are a customer, sign up here!

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