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Feb. 10, 2020
New feature

CountUnique functionality on formulas

Uncover more profound insights from your performance data with our newest update, CountUnique functionality on formulas.

With this new update, you're able to break down KPIs by unique values in the data source to provide you with deeper insights into your data. This works by grouping together certain types of data like the number of countries you've sold to, or the number of unique conversations an agent has participated in.

How does it work?

So far you've been able to show the Number of all sales your team has had using this formula:


Imagine you would like to measure the specific number of unique countries you've sold to, then the formula would include to CountUnique functionality:


This will count sales for each country individually to provide you with a clear overview of which markets are performing better.

Use case for Customer Service and Call Center teams:

How will this product update benefit you if your focus is on Customer Service KPIs?

You would use the following formula if you would like to count the number of ie. Intercom messages an agent has sent:

Count(Intercom Conversation Parts)

If you wanted to count the number of conversations an agent has participated in, you would instead use the following formula:

CountUnique(Intercom Conversation Parts,Conversation ID)


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