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Aug. 14, 2018
New feature

Define your custom weekend for NetWorkDays and Holidays

Does your work week begin on Sunday and end on Friday? Do you perhaps work on Mondays but not Tuesdays? If so, you might have had some trouble using NetWorkDays and Holidays functions in your formulas in the past. We have added a new parameter to both that now allows you to define your weekend!

Have a look at the new syntax:



We added a new optional parameter [weekend], which defines what days in the week should be considered work-free days. Starting from Monday to Sunday, you type either 0 or 1 until you have 7 digits. A 0 represents a work day, while a 1 represents a work-free day — the weekend! 🏖


For example, by default, Saturday and Sunday are work-free days. The way to define that would be:


Now, let's assume you work every day, except Sunday and Monday. This is how it would look:


You can of course use with any possible combination, even for other purposes. Let's for example count all the Wednesdays in the month:


Daily tempo

The most common use case is to combine the two functions in order to create a formula that tells you how far you are to reaching your monthly target on day to day basis. This way you can easily tell if you are falling behind and act before it's too late. For our example, we'll assume our weekend is on Friday and Saturday.

    Last(Monthly target,Amount) /
        NetWorkDays(StartDate(),EndDate(),0000110) -
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