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Jan. 22, 2024
New feature

Roll Out The Red Carpet Because.. Dashboard Filters Are Here! 💥💥💥

Forget about maintenance hours updating your formulas.. From now on, you can get any dashboard view you want using our new dashboard and drill-down filters! 📊 🚀

🚀 Dashboard filters

Filter your dashboards just like you would formulas. Choose data source fields and filter your KPIs by a specific customer, country, pipeline, or any other fields from the data sources included in your dashboard. This filter type will apply to the entire dashboard, and all relevant widgets will be updated, even if the used formulas have filters.

🚀 Drill-down filters

Admins can add a menu of possible filters for viewers to use. This filter type allows non-admins to explore data without changing the widget settings. All users with access to this dashboard will see a Filters button in the top menu, and they will be able to view the dashboard by your selected filters.

We have added a brand new Filters tab in the dashboard settings where you can find all the new filters you can play with. In addition to the new filters, you can still apply the well-known team filters.

Wait, there's more!?

Along with this release, we have also updated the dashboard header, which now offers more functionality and some delicious-looking buttons. 😋


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