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July 28, 2023
New feature

New Feature Release - Edit Formulas in Widgets! 🚀

You don't have to be an expert to build formulas in Plecto!

Formulas are at the core of Plecto – a single formula lets you visualize multiple KPIs, organize a contest, discuss performance during a one-on-one meeting, and so much more. Whether you're a seasoned formula expert or a new user, we want to make it easy to work with Plecto! And that's why we are excited to announce...

Formulas in widgets!

From now on, if you want to create a simple, one-component formula, you can do it directly on the widget without ever opening the formula editor!

Add an extra layer to your formula using overrides. If you modify the formula on a widget, it will only apply to the widget in question and not affect the original formula.

To keep the house in order, we grouped the widget settings into three sections – Formulas, Filters, and Display settings.

With formulas in widgets, you now have the ultimate toolkit to effortlessly create dynamic KPIs that display your business metrics in real time! Go to your dashboards, try it yourself, and let us know what you think! 💡


This new feature makes it so much easier to build straightforward, one-component formulas. To learn more about how to use it, check out our help article. 🚀

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