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Feb. 29, 2024
New feature

🚀 Exciting Home Screen Makeover For Mobile 🚀📲

We're thrilled to introduce a dazzling makeover for our Home Screen widgets on both iOS and Android! ✨ The Home Screen just got a whole lot snazzier.. 😏

📑 Say Hello to the Table Widget!

This one's a game changer – customize your Home Screen like never before and add a whole new dimension with Plecto's new table widget for your Home Screen! Columns, conditional colors, pagination, and more. It's your data, your way!


🔄 Refresh - Refresh - Refresh

Make sure your widgets are always up-to-date! From now on, you can use the all-new Refresh button and manually prompt updates to stay in the know!


📊 Charts are now legendary!

Explore your data with ease as we bring you better legends for line, area, and column charts. No more guesswork – just crystal-clear insights!


✨ Update your Plecto app and experience better data visualization at your fingertips!

And make sure to follow our product journey on Product Portal and submit your own ideas or feedback!💡
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