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April 5, 2023
New feature

Introducing Calculated Fields

You asked for the option to calculate the difference between two dates – you got it! 🙌 With this new feature, you can customize your data sources and gain deeper insight from the data that's already available.

Our data sources got an upgrade – from now on, you can add new fields to all integrations right inside Plecto. Here's what you can achieve with the new Calculated Fields feature:

  • Calculate the time difference between two date fields,
  • Perform basic calculations – add, subtract, divide, or multiply values from fields of the same data source,
  • Add fields that contain static values such as 5000 or calculations like 6*6.12.

What's great – it is up to you to define what gets shown in a calculated field! Use it to calculate how long it takes to close a sales deal, prepare an order, complete a task, calculate gross/net values, and more.


🚀 Calculated fields add a new dimension to Plecto's data sources and formulas. Visit our help article on to learn more about calculated fields, their syntax, and available functions with examples.
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