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July 1, 2022

Say Hello to the New Dashboard Design! 🚀

We're announcing the biggest dashboard update Plecto has ever seen!

Starting today, you get a completely new dashboard design that significantly improves your experience of tracking KPIs on TV screens. 🙌 We have aligned the widget elements and increased passive readability – you can now get a better overview of your data without interacting with the dashboard.


What's new?

  • New visual layer and more functionality! We have improved the look of our widgets by adding more labels, fresh colors and gradients, an option to hide the widget title, and much more.


  • Changes in the dessert kitchen – pie chart is now called a donut chart! 🍩 Along with the update, you now have more control over how your data gets displayed. View the donut segments as values, percentages, or both.


  • Widget animations. The donut and column charts will automatically highlight their elements every once in a while (approx. every 6 minutes).

  • More layout options. The donut chart and leaderboard have both horizontal and vertical layouts.


  • Leaderboard ranking. From now on, employees and teams with the same results will have the same ranking. For example, if Susan and Jennifer both made 17 calls, they would share the first place on the leaderboard.

  • Summary. Add a KPI summary in the top-right corner of a widget and see the total, average, or latest values. The summary is available on the line, area, column, and donut charts, as well as leaderboards.


  • Show column values. See the exact value of each column on the column chart.


  • More avatars. Show avatars not only on table widgets but also on the line, area, and column charts. No profile picture? Plecto will show the initials instead.
  • Time format. Now you can choose between a 12h or 24h time format on the clock widget.

... and more! Go to your dashboards and try the new design to see the changes. 🙌

How to change to the new design?
  1. Open your dashboard and click Settings in the top menu.
  2. Expand the Advanced settings.
  3. Click Use the new design.
  4. Save.


💡 Be aware that once you switch to the new design, you might have to resize some of the widgets – they might need more or less space than before.

Permanent change after 30 days

Since you might have to update some of the dashboards, we've decided to open a 30-day transitioning period after which we will implement the new design permanently and remove the old one.

Learn more about the dashboard widgets in Plecto Help

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