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Feb. 14, 2024
New feature

The Biggest Employee Management Update in Plecto History 🔥🕺🏼

This update includes bulk actions, smart merging, changes in how we handle deactivation, and much more!

Here's what's new

⭐️ Active, Deactivated, and Pending tabs

From now on, all employee profiles are organized in three statuses – Active, Deactivated, and Pending:

  • Active tab lists employees who send data to Plecto and/or have login access.
  • Deactivated tab contains employees who were manually deactivated or whose employment period has ended.
  • Pending tab lists employees who have been imported but have not yet been assigned a status. When reviewing the list, admins can activate or discard these employees. All discarded employees are moved to the Deactivated tab.

⭐️ More control over automatic employee activation

Before, whenever you imported data that contained new employees, Plecto would automatically activate them and start tracking the employee activity.

Now, you have the option to stop automatic employee activation. New employees added to your organization will be moved to the Pending tab, where you will have to activate them manually. This new option gives you more control over your data and who you track in Plecto.

In addition, all Global Admins can receive email updates about new employees added to your organization.

⭐️ Smart merging of duplicate profiles

Clean up your organization in seconds! This new feature lists potential employee duplicates and allows you to merge employees based on automatic suggestions. Duplicate profiles are matched by the name, email address, and integration.

⭐️ Bulk actions

Create a team, merge, and deactivate – from now on, you can do all that in bulk! Select the relevant people and choose one of the actions from the bar at the bottom of the screen. These new bulk actions enable you to manage your organization more easily and save valuable time!

⭐️ Other great things

Among all the updates, we have introduced significant usability improvements:

  • See everyone's latest login in the employee overview
  • Filter the employees by teams, integrations, or permissions
  • Sort the columns
  • Import from and export employees to Excel file (.xlsx)

🚨Changes regarding data imports for deactivated employees

As of February 14th, 2024, we are no longer importing new or changed data for employees after their deactivation date. If you do a historical import, we will only import the data created or updated before the employee’s deactivation date.

⚠️ Important to know!
  • Deactivation date of all employees already inactive on the release day will be 12.02.2024.
  • Registrations already imported for deactivated employees will stop being updated.
  • Deactivation date will be visible in the new Deactivated tab.
  • Once pending or deactivated employees get activated, Plecto will start importing their data. To get historical data of the employees, you will have to import more data in the data source settings.

These new features are designed with you in mind – giving you more control, saving time, and ensuring your organization runs smoothly. Therefore, feel free to submit your feedback and help us make the product even better!

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