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Dec. 19, 2023

Introducing an Entirely Revamped Integration Process 🌊 🚀

Great news for admins! With this update, we give you more control and clarity over what you import to Plecto. See what you're doing, make informed choices, and get properly set up the first time!

What's new

🌟 Better overview of your data. The new integration process now lets you preview and choose among all the available data source fields even before you import your data. Just like the list you see in the data source settings, this new update ensures you get the right data, right from the start.


🌟 Upfront import range and data retention. Choose from the get-go how much data you want to import, and how long Plecto should keep the registrations in your data sources.


🌟 Automatic organization. We will now automatically create folders for your integrations, helping you keep your data sources neatly organized.


🌟 Enhanced integration catalog. You might notice that we updated the categories in the integration catalog to help you navigate with ease and find your systems faster.


🌟 Improved guidance. Our improved help texts and generally upgraded connectivity give you clear and concise guidance so you can easily integrate from A to Z and always know what the next steps are.

Go to the data source page and try out the new streamlined integration process today! 💪

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