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March 13, 2019
New feature

New onboarding 🚀

We’re happy to announce our new on-boarding flow, which will make it much easier for new users to get started using Plecto on their own. 🙌

We’ve listened to all of our awesome user’s feedback, the last couple of months, and from this feedback, we’ve now managed to build a much more user-friendly and intuitive on-boarding flow; making it much easier for new users to create their dream dashboards with just a few clicks.

▶️ Check out our announcement video on LinkedIn at:


Already a user of Plecto?

This also benefits you! 🎉 With this product update, you're now able to quickly create a new dashboard from our catalog of more than 477 predefined widgets, making it easier than ever to set up dashboards.

Try it yourself, by adding a new dashboard and then picking "Start with our pre-built widgets"!


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