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March 27, 2023

Plecto Help – Now inside the app!

From now on, you can access all help articles by clicking the question mark in the bottom-right corner.

With this update, we're embedding our help center inside Plecto as well as launching our new help domain!

We've also added a new menu point – 🚀 Getting started. There, you can look forward to lots of exciting content. We'll add new articles and checklists as soon as we launch new features so that you're the first one to get informed.


Main benefits of this update
  • Improved usability – In-app help content allows you to find information right when you need it.
  • Context-based help – Each page shows information relevant to that feature. If you're wondering how to create a slideshow, click the question mark, and we'll show you.
  • Better search function – Find folders, guides, or even individual steps.
  • Send direct feedback – Spotted a typo or a missing step? Report an issue in seconds, and we'll make sure to update the content.
What about the chat?

If you want to chat with an agent, there's a Contact us button at the bottom of each page inside the knowledge base. It will open the live chat.

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