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Aug. 24, 2022
New feature

Resizable Columns on Dashboards

You gave feedback – we listened. With the new dashboard design being far more superior to the old one, there were still a couple of things we needed to improve. Most importantly, you asked for resizable columns – you got it! 💪

👉 With this update, we added the option to change the column widths on table and timeline widgets.


💡 How does it work?
  • By default, columns are as wide as their content or header – whichever is wider. It means that whenever you add new columns, they will be as wide as the widest part in a specific row or header.
  • If you manually change a column's width, that column will assume a fixed width.
  • If you resize the widget, all columns with the default width will adjust in size depending on how wide the widget is, and all columns that you've adjusted manually will maintain their fixed width.
  • The column on the left that usually displays employees can now be resized, too! If you want to optimize even more space, feel free to play around with the widget layouts to find the best solution – display avatars, names, or both.
💡 How to adjust the column width?

Enable the Edit mode on your dashboard and click Edit on your table or timeline widgets. You will see vertical bars in the column header. Drag the bars to the right or left sides to adjust the column width. ↔️


💡 Reset default width

We also added a Reset column width button in the column settings. Edit the widget and click on the three little dots in the column header to reset.


Go and try it out – we hope you'll like it! 🙌

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