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June 1, 2023
New feature

New Notification Action – Spin the Wheel! 🎡

Our Gamification+ package just got even better! From now on, you get to spin the wheel whenever a notification triggers! ✨ The spinning wheel is easy to add and extremely exciting to look at! 🤩

Here's how to use it

  1. Add the Spin the wheel action to a notification.
  2. Choose a slideshow.
  3. (Optional) Add a title.
  4. Enter the prizes each in a new line.
  5. Hit Save and take your spin next time you reach a milestone!


The spinning wheel is a shiny new addition to our Gamification+ package. To give it a try, head over to Organization > Billing where you can get a 14-day free trial for not just the Spinning Wheel but everything else in Gamification+

As always, we're here to receive your feedback to make our product better. Check out Plecto's Product Portal to submit ideas and see what we have in the works!
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