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May 13, 2024
New feature

👋 Unlock Deeper Insights – Say Hi to Stacked Columns! 🟦 🟩 🟪

Our column chart just went through an extreme makeover! This upgrade takes your data visualization to new heights, empowering you with richer insights and greater flexibility.


Here's what's in store:

🟪 Group and Stack Data: Transform your conventional column chart into a two-dimensional powerhouse. Now, you can effortlessly group your chart by one metric and stack columns by another, opening endless possibilities for analysis and comparison.

🟪 Vibrant Color Palette: We've infused our column and donut charts with 12 vibrant, eye-catching colors. With this fresh palette, your data will pop like never before, making trends and patterns instantly recognizable.

🟪 Vertical or Horizontal? Your Choice! Customize your chart layout with ease. Whether you prefer vertical or horizontal columns, our upgraded column chart lets you switch between directions seamlessly.

🟪 Streamlined Widget Settings: We've revamped the widget settings layout for a smoother user experience. Now, configuring your dashboard widgets is more intuitive and efficient than ever before. Spend less time navigating settings and more time diving into your data.

🟪 Stacked Column Charts On-The-Go: Take your insights wherever you go! Our latest update extends stacked column chart functionality to mobile devices. Access your charts from your phone's Home Screen and stay informed, even when you're on the move.

Did you like this update? Let us know what you think below. 👍 And in the meantime, take a look at our Product Portal to submit your ideas and see what we're working on.
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